Personal development training vs. Coaching

Have you followed a personal development training that made you think WAU this is how I should do things, my life will improve as soon as I will do so?

Have you done it?

Yes for a while…/ No, never had the time to really implement the changes in the current life…etc. 

How Life Coaching can have a better result? 

First of all, a Life Coach doesn’t tell you how to do things, you discover the best way for you during the coaching sessions thanks to powerful questions and reflections. The Life Coach is a walking partner that supports you with the changes you want to bring to your life to make it more like the life you always dreamed of. 

Second, but not last, Life Coaching is not a one-off event, Life Coaching takes one hour of your time for at least 12 weeks – to give you the time to really believe in the changes you want to make, to implement them properly and start living them. 

Would you give it a try?


About yesyoucan
My name is Mariana Florea and I am an CPC - Certified Professional Coach and Aware Parenting Instructor. My mission as an Aware Parenting instructor is to help parents enjoy parenting while raising happy kids without punishments and rewards. As a Coach, I support busy professionals building successful and sustainable careers while enjoying a happy life.

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