You do everything “right” but you just don’t feel right?

Have you ever observed somebody enjoying what he’s doing? This can be your doctor, your prof, a waiter, your parents…

What about the opposite? Have you already experienced the contact with somebody that hates what she/ he does? Can you say the differences?

What about you? How do you feel about what you are doing for living? How the people around you perceive that? What about you?

In life sometimes we feel stuck in our jobs or career paths. Have you heard of very well known actors that only started this career in their 50s? It takes courage to change your career path, but before anything it takes time to recognize we just run in the wrong direction. Our heart is not there. Sometimes money are, but a wise person once said: money cannot buy happiness – I do agree with that, do you? 


About yesyoucan
My name is Mariana Florea and I am an CPC - Certified Professional Coach and Aware Parenting Instructor. My mission as an Aware Parenting instructor is to help parents enjoy parenting while raising happy kids without punishments and rewards. As a Coach, I support busy professionals building successful and sustainable careers while enjoying a happy life.

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