Intentions for this New Year? You can make them happen ;-)

Do you have New Year resolutions that are coming back for few years now, but so far you just give them up in the classical 2-3 weeks? Do you want them happen so badly that you are ready to do something different this year to give them a chance? 

Does Life Coaching sounds familiar to you?

Life Coaching is a professional service that supports people in focusing to their top priorities, while not forgetting the bigger picture of their whole life – more about this profession on the website of the International Coach Federation 

How it works?

There are several tools that Coaches use to create awareness, to get clarity on the reasons for which sometimes we just do things and some other times we just find reasons for not doing them. Coaches empower people to discover their solutions and strategies to integrate the New Year resolutions in the current life and enjoy the process. 

Are you willing to know more about how Life Coaching can support you in bringing to life your New Year resolutions?  

Send me an email with “New Year Resolutions” in the subject line at: and I will schedule a Trial Session to answer all your questions about how Life Coaching works. 

For some people keeping up with the New Year resolutions is very natural, they have that style of life and that type of determination allowing them to just do whatever they decide to – if you are one of those happy people I congratulate you! 

For most of the people busy lives make them fail in keeping up with very simple resolutions like reading pages from the pile of books next to their bed or going to the gym once a week or you name it.   

There are also New Year resolutions we adhere to just because everybody does so or my mother wants that or my spouse would be happy if I do it and so on. 

What are YOUR resolutions?

Would you do something different this year to make them happen?  


About yesyoucan
My name is Mariana Florea and I am an CPC - Certified Professional Coach and Aware Parenting Instructor. My mission as an Aware Parenting instructor is to help parents enjoy parenting while raising happy kids without punishments and rewards. As a Coach, I support busy professionals building successful and sustainable careers while enjoying a happy life.

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