let’s look at LIFE as at a bicycle


the two wheels are Life objectives and Work objectives.

Which one is the directing wheel in your life?  Is it your professional or your personal side of life that decides on why, what, how etc.

No this is not meant to be a question style, “what was first the egg or the hen?” you do have the CHOICE to have one or the other wheel leading the way you live your LIFE. 

Think about your life if the professional wheel is first. What are some decisions you take and try to convince your family that even if they count more for you they still have to live with you not being there most of the time? How do you feel about your work-life balance?  Could that change if the REALLY important persons in your LIFE wouldn’t have to always understand your efforts because of your professional choices? 

Sounds simple and logical, but life is never like that. We do have to put in high efforts at times to get where we want to be in our professional lives.  You may tell me that we have to go through fatigue, stress, frustration, but that’s the price to pay to be successful. Sometimes this is the case, when you change your job, when you want a promotion, when the economy is down.

Family can surely understand you for specific efforts like this, they can even be supportive when you take the time to explain them what you are going through. The trouble starts when because of what is called inertia, even when the pick time is gone we don’t slow down.

You keep pushing the limits even if the REAL pressure is not there anymore.

  • You tell kids: “you know who pays for your toys and fancy clothes?”
  • To your life partner: “can you just understand me, life is tough…”
  • To yur body you say nothing, but hope the blood test is wrong and your heart will surely keep up with the reduced sleep and high adrenalin you get after those challenging meetings… 

Is that a picture of YOU? Do you know what to do to balance your LIFE? Can you sustain the changes you may have to do in your life to bring it to a good balance? 

If the answer is YES, I congratulate you! Just do it and don’t wait for what is called “a tragic wake-up call” that may come from your body getting ill, your life partner leaving you or your kids getting on drugs or alcohol because the toys are not funny anymore… 

If the answer is NO, start looking for help.

  •  It may come from your life partner that is waiting just that, your decision to work out to a better work-life balance;
  • It may come from a friend that has been through the same kind of challenge;
  • You may talk to a LIFE-COACH that is trained to support people in addressing important issues without loosing the full picture of the whole LIFE.

Where to get those? Of course I may help you myself, just send me an email at mariana_florea@yesYOUcan.be with WORK-LIFE BALANCE in the subject line and we’ll take it from there. Check out my www.yesYOUcan.be blog to see more about me.

Is Life Coaching a new idea for you? Have a look on the International Coach Federation website (http://www.coachfederation.org/ICF) to get access to further information on Professional Life-Coaching     


About yesyoucan
My name is Mariana Florea and I am an CPC - Certified Professional Coach and Aware Parenting Instructor. My mission as an Aware Parenting instructor is to help parents enjoy parenting while raising happy kids without punishments and rewards. As a Coach, I support busy professionals building successful and sustainable careers while enjoying a happy life.

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