It’s happiness a take-away or something we better work on?

“Happiness is not something ready made… It comes from your own actions.” said Dalai Lama and I do agree with him.

So many times we wonder why only others “got” that chance…, but are we sure they got it or they worked really hard to deserve it?

Actually I remember in school was more appreciated to say, “I was lucky” than to say “I studied so hard – I simply deserve it”.

Why are people afraid to admit they work hard to get the things they want and instead they prefere to say things happen to them? 

What are we doing to increase our happiness? are we taking the right actions, are we even aware of what happiness means to us?

Life-Coaching is all about discovering what happiness means to people, what are the things that are not yet as we wish and that stop us from feeling really happy.


About yesyoucan
My name is Mariana Florea and I am an CPC - Certified Professional Coach and Aware Parenting Instructor. My mission as an Aware Parenting instructor is to help parents enjoy parenting while raising happy kids without punishments and rewards. As a Coach, I support busy professionals building successful and sustainable careers while enjoying a happy life.

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